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How to make an appointment to visit our collection?

We would be pleased to give you a welcome to our exposition where you will be able to see our collection of motorcycles. Here we can give you more detailed informations about their characteristics, history, documentation, etc...
For this, please click the following link in order to get access to our contact-document to make an appointment.

How to get more pictures or informations about a special motorcycle?

For sure,you can get more pictures or special explanations needed. Please get in contact with us.

Can you get me a special motorcycle I am looking for?

You can tell us all the caracteristics and details about the motorcycle you are looking for. Please leave us also your contact to get in touch with you as soon as we have found searched piece.

How to buy a motorcycle offered on your homepage?

Please contact us via phone or email. Best would be if you could visit us directly so you can get a detailed live view on the motorcycle you are interested in.

How to arrange the payment?

The motorcycle must be totally payed before to be sent or picked up by new owner.

Can you send the motorcycle to my home?

Yes, once payment was done propperly, we can send the motorcycle to any part of the world. Subject to availabilities of transportation companies. Motorcycle will be packed in wooden box. Packing and transportation costs will be invoiced to customer.

How much is the transportation cost?

This depends on where to it will be shipped as well as the size and weight.
In any case, a transport company will be contacted before final shipping in order to give you an indication of the total costs.
For sure a pick up, contracted by yourself is also possible.

How long will be the time of transport?

This depends of final destination and is subject to capacities of transport-company.

Can I get more details about packing and status of transport of the motorcycle?

We will supply you with latest updates about how the packing is proceeded and how long it will take. We can provide you also with pictures showing the current packing status. For sure we will inform you, as soon as the box has been delivered to any third party.

What kind of warranties does the motorcycle have?

These motorcycles, based on it’s nature of goods, do not have any kind of warranty. Our main target is to have you totally satisfied with your purchase. So you will receive the most reliable and objective information possible. You can contact us anytime whenever having any doubts or questions. As well as see and evaluate the piece of interest by yourself.