Henderson Deluxe 1928

  • Timerange of production: 1922-28
  • Power: 28 hp (21 kW) , 3400 rpm
  • Displacement (ccm): 1.300 c.c.
  • Type of engine: Four-cylinder, four strokes, side valve.
  • Transmisión: chain
  • Sold

Henderson Deluxe from 1928

Many collectors of fine motorcycles consider the Henderson De Luxe, the finest American motorcycle ever made.They were incredibly smooth, refined, fast and simply elegant.

The first DeLuxe Henderson was introduced in 1922, and was improved in many ways. The Full floating front fork was a significant improvement to the handling and stability of the motorcycle. The 79 cubic inch sidevalve engine now had higher compression and ran with alloy pistons.

The final of production came in 1928.


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